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Blackboard’s Ultra Extension Framework

Introducing Blackboard’s Ultra Extension Framework

We’re excited to introduce a new means of integration with the Blackboard Learn Ultra Experience, known as the Ultra Extension Framework (UEF). The UEF is a set of Premium APIs that augment the Ultra experience of Blackboard Learn with a robust set of capabilities including telemetry, help provider registration, and UI element rendering - all designed to enable better integrations and richer user experience.

What can you do with the UEF? The UEF is a set of Premium APIs that offers several new capabilities for integrations with the Blackboard Learn Ultra Experience.

Telemetry: Receiving of detailed user navigation behavior data, including click, route, and hoover events: Here you may find a demo

User Interface Elements: Ability to populate UI elements and content, including capabilities for banners, modals, and notifications.

Help Provider Registration: Option to override the default behavior of the native help tool in Ultra.

We gave several partners early access to the UEF. The following videos are examples of how these partners used the UEF to better deliver their integration in Ultra.

If you are a developer and interested in pursuing use of the UEF Premium APIs in your integration with the Blackboard Learn Ultra Experience, what are your next steps? Send an email to BbPartnerTeam with the subject “Interested in Partnership That Includes Premium API Access.” Ask for time to discuss such with a member of our partnership team.

Check back here often as this page will be updated frequently with more details.