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Getting Started With Caliper

Caliper Analytics is an IMS Global standard focused on the delivery of consistent event tracking across campus applications.

For more information on the Caliper Analytics specification, visit the IMS site here.

Caliper is implemented in Blackboard Learn as the Learn Activity Stream. This data is stored in an external system called the Caliper Event Store. This server lives in the Blackboard Cloud and is not externally accessible at this time. As a result of its location in the Cloud, it is also only currently available on Blackboard Learn SaaS deployments. The data is then used to fuel Activity Reports in the context of Blackboard Learn. These are currently available for Blackboard Assignments, Assessments, and Kaltura Media assignments when using Kaltura’s LTI integration and Blackboard Learn SaaS.

For more information on Kaltura integrations, visit the Kaltura web site here.

From a Developer standpoint, Caliper is available in two ways: sending events to the Blackboard Learn Activity Stream, and subscribing to the Blackboard Learn Activity Stream as an additional Event Store. This section of the Blackboard standards Developer Community will dive into both of these options, with sample code and supporting documentation.