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What is DVBA

Developer Versions of Blackboard Applications

Blackboard makes developer versions of our applications available to integrators for development work. Currently Blackboard makes available the following developer versions of Blackboard applications (DVBAs).

Developer Amazon Machine Image

(AMI) is available in the Amazon Marketplace. It is pre-built and configured to allow you to access a Learn SaaS, Ultra-enabled instance of Blackboard. You can use it to build Learning Tools Interoperability integrations (LTIs) and Blackboard REST integrations. For more information, see Using the Developer AMI.

Developer Virtual Machine

(DVM) is a downloadable VirtualBox image built and managed with Vagrant. With it, you can run a local copy of Blackboard Learn for building LTIs, REST, and Building Blocks. For more information, see Developer Virtual Machine - DVM.

Blackboard Collaborate Development Instance

is a SaaS-based development system that allows developers to build integrations for Blackboard Collaborate with the Ultra Experience using the Collaborate REST APIs. For access, send a request to