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Getting Started

Blackboard Learn offers documentation and sample code for the SOAP-based Web Services directly in the user interface. The sample code gives you the ability to create re-usable libraries in both C# and Java. Once you build this library, you can import it into your IDE of choice and start writing code against them without having to solve the intricacies of Learn’s Web Service implementation or the WS-Security headers needed to interact with them.

Also included in the source code is a fully functioning QA Desktop Application, which can be built in C#. Once built, you can test every Web Service Blackboard Learn offers with your mouse. In addition, there is a sample “Hello World” custom Web Service. Part of the Web Services framework allows you to create a customized web service to interact with data not available through the standard web service offering, but taking advantage of the security framework provided therein.

To access the sample code and documentation, simply login to your Blackboard Learn instance and navigate to the System Admin Page. In the Building Block module, you will see a link for Web Services. Clicking this link takes you to the management interface for the Web Services. On the right hand side of the action bar, you will see buttons to download the Documentation and the Source Code.

Of course, the real benefit of Web Services is that you can choose your development environment, language of choice, and you have full control over the code. You can modify your integration any time, without requiring the Blackboard System Administrator to change or schedule anything.