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Welcome to the Developer Community!

The Blackboard Developer Community is the home for technically-minded developers and system administrators for Blackboard products. This is where we keep all of our official developer documentation. This site is separated by product, as you will see in the menu bar above. In addition, when you are on an article and you see the menu icon above the title, that means you can open a side menu to navigate through that section to find other documents. We also have a search page and a Sitemap to help you find the documentation you are looking for.

This documentation is built dynamically based on the repository, and as such, you can contribute documentation and make edits via standard pull requests. You can also report missing documentation or request changes using github issue reporting. We hope this helps you find the documentation you need, and helps us identify gaps and inconsistencies in our documentation. After all, we are here to make your life as a developer easy!

As always, if you have any questions, be sure to check out the contact page. We look forward to the continuation of successful integrations for our client, partner, and Open Innovation Initiative developers!

Happy Coding!

Community Home

The Blackboard Developer community starts here! You can see the latest blogs, forum posts, and events. If you are a Blackboard Developer, you will want to add this to the places you visit daily.


This is the place to talk to your fellow developers. Share tips and tricks, ask questions, and help answer questions from your colleagues. This is a great way to see what others are doing and learn from their experiences.


Learn tips & tricks, workarounds, and other interesting topics from Blackboard developer experts. This is where we will post our blogs on topics that are important to you, the Blackboard developer.

Technical Office Hours

Technical Office Hours is a weekly hour-long session dedicated to Blackboard’s technical users. We gather with System Administrators, Developers, and anyone else that wants to join to discuss on-going issues, talk about what’s coming up for Blackboard users, and share what’s going on with each other. We provide webinars and training from time-to-time, but generally, this is an hour of open discussion driven by the participants.