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Account questions

Your Behind the Blackboard account will provide you with authenticated access to Developer Resources. Any Behind the Blackboard account is able to post to our discussion forums. If you would like to identify as a Blackboard developer, please e-mail your Blackboard Client Manager and request developer access for your Behind the Blackboard account.

Anyone who had an existing account as a Blackboard Developer or Blackboard Partner has full access to this site. Accounts from legacy developer network sites have been migrated.

New developer account requests should be directed to your Blackboard Client Manager. Accounts will be provided to existing Blackboard clients and to partners enrolled in our Blackboard Developers Network program according to our contractual terms. If you do not know who your Client Manager is, please contact your institution’s Blackboard System Administrator or primary business relationship owner. He or she will know who to contact.

To reset forgotten passwords, please visit Behind the Blackboard and click the “Forgot your password?” link. A new password will be e-mailed to your account.

License Questions

Academic clients should contact their Client Manager for a developer license or questions about developer licensing. Generally, academic clients who license our enterprise software are eligible for one license to our developer software and 25 developer accounts. These accounts allow you to participate in and contribute to the content on the wiki and forum areas of this site as well as access certain developer content that requires a login to access.

Commercial entities are invited to join the program and purchase developer licenses at this link. If you have lost your license file or require a change in your license, please contact your sales representative or the partnership program.

IMPORTANT: The developer license of our software limits the number of users, courses, and enrollments that can exist, but otherwise is a fully functional version of the product.

Installation assistance

Commercial BbDN members are entitled to 30 days of technical support to assist with the installation of the Learning System product. For assistance, please call our Client Support Team at (888) 788-5264. Have your six-digit company ID ready when you call.

All others should read up on the available DVBA or request help on the Developer forums

API/known issues

If you believe you’ve found an issue with our APIs, please follow this process to receive support:

  1. Post your issue to our discussion forums on the community site
  2. Search the Blackboard Techies Slack Space archives and optionally e-mail the listserv regarding your issue.
  3. Open a new case to Behind the Blackboard (or have your Blackboard administrator do this on your behalf)

Product improvements/recommendations

If you have an idea to improve or add features to our API set, please follow this process:

  1. Work with your Blackboard System Administrator to create and document an Enhancement Request through Behind the Blackboard.
  2. If you do not have a Behind the Blackboard account or the above is not a viable option, post a new feature request to our The specified item was not found..

Building Block issues

Please follow these steps to receive help with a 3rd party Building Block issue:

  1. Submit a help ticket with the vendor
  2. If the vendor instructs you to submit a help ticket with Blackboard, please work with your Blackboard Administrator to do so on Behind the Blackboard
  3. Our Support team will attempt to collaborate with the vendor to resolve the issue
  4. Issues that cannot be resolved are escalated as appropriate via our support process