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Blackboard Learn SOAP

NOTE: SOAP Web Services have been deprecated. Much of their functionality will not work with Ultra, including with Ultra Courses.

Blackboard Web Services offer out-of-process integration points for Third- Party Developers interested in extending the Learn platform without creating a Building Block or using Java.

The Web Services are based on SOAP and utilize WS_Security tokens for secure transmission of data between two entities. They can be accessed remotely and are programming language-agnostic, allowing for maximum flexibility of the developer’s skill set, while still providing a substantial set of APIs for reading and writing data.

Getting Started

In the Getting Started section you will find instructions for setting up your development environment, generating a reusable .NET or Java library for use in your application from sample code available inside the Blackboard Learn User Interface, and building the QA app, which allows you to test all of the Blackboard Web Services with a pre-built, functioning desktop application.


These examples are provided as reference implementations of API the usage of Blackboard Web Service end points to interact with Blackboard Learn from various languages, such as C#, Java and PHP.


These tutorials are provided as short ramp up for concepts and APIs behind the development of Web Service integrations.