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Build The C# SOAP Sample Client

The Blackboard Learn sample code contains a fully-functional client that provides form-based interaction with all of the available SOAP-based Web Services. This allows a Developer to interact with any of the Web Services, see what data is required, try different combinations and permutations and inspect the code behind it. This is a great tool to use to assist in designing your Web Services integration, and even to troubleshoot an existing integration from release-to-release.

This help article assumes that you have downloaded the Web Services Sample Code and that you have built the .NET Web Services Library

How to Build

Building the .NET Sample Client is really quite simple, once you have generated and built the Web Services Library. The solution has already been created, and lives in the **_/qa/dotnet/wsagent_** directory. The easiest way to build it, is to open Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2010 for C# and open the solution containing the .NET library. With this loaded, click **File->Add...->Existing Project**. Navigate to the wsagent directory, select wsagent2010 project, and click Open. This will add the sample client to the existing project.

Now simply click Debug->Build and build the project. This will place an executable called wsagent.exe in the _**/qa/dotnet/wsagent/bin/Debug**_ directory. You can add a link to your desktop, start menu, or quick launch bar and launch the tool whenever you need it.