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LTI Advantage - Sample JSON


This document documents sample JSON between the Blackboard Learn LMS and an LTI Advantage Tool Provider. We’ll be using for our examples. One use case we’re often asked about is doing video embeds in Blackboard Learn content. That will be our first, and for now, only example.

HOWTO Embed LtiLinkItems into the editor via Deep Linking (Currently Ultra Only)

When adding content back from the internal tool for LTI 1.1/Deep Linking 1.0, you can specify custom JSON, use:

  "@context": "",
  "@graph": [
      "@type": "LtiLinkItem",
      "@id": ":item1",
      "title": "LTI embedded-app test",
      "mediaType": "text/html",
      "url": "",
      "placementAdvice": {
        "displayWidth" : 147,
        "displayHeight" : 184,
        "presentationDocumentTarget" : "iframe"

For LTI 1.3+/Deep Linking 2.0+ use (note we ignore the width and height but you can add it):

    "type": "ltiResourceLink",
    "title": "An Embedded Resource",
    "text": "A description",
    "url": "",
    "iframe": {
      "width": 500,
      "height": 800