Getting Started With LTI

Author: Scott Hurrey
Categories: [‘LTI’]
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Learning Tool Interoperability is a standard from the IMS Global consortium. This standard focuses on contextual launches and grade return. For more information about the standard, see Learning Tools Interoperability.

Make Your LTI Tool Available to Learn Servers

Once you have developed an LTI tool, you can share it with Learn administrators so that they can configure their Learn servers to work with it. To share your tool, you must register your application. When you do so, you receive an Application ID. Share this Application ID with the administrator of any Learn server that will use your LTI tool. For more information about registering your application, see Register Your Application.

As new LTI Placement options are added to the Blackboard Learn platform, the naming conventions can be a bit confusing for Building Block Developers. The purpose of this document is to give a high-level mapping of the terminology for Developers.

Description LTI Placement B2 Type
A tool available to all users in a course Course Tool->Student tool
A tool available only to instructors in a course Course Tool->Non-Student course_tool
A course content tool Course Content Tool content-handler
A tool available outside of a course for all users System Tool user_tool
A tool available only to system administrators Administrator Tool system_tool