What is a DVBA?

Author: Scott Hurrey
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Developer Versions of Blackboard Applications

Blackboard makes developer versions of our applications available to integrators for development work. Currently Blackboard makes available the following developer versions of Blackboard applications (DVBAs).

  • Developer Amazon Machine Image (AMI) is available in the Amazon Marketplace. It is pre-built and configured to allow you to access a Learn SaaS, Ultra-enabled instance of Blackboard. You can use it to build Learning Tools Interoperability integrations (LTIs) and Blackboard REST integrations. For more information, see Using the Developer AMI.

  • Developer Virtual Machine (DVM) is a downloadable VirtualBox image built and managed with Vagrant. With it, you can run a local copy of Blackboard Learn for building LTIs, REST, and Building Blocks. For more information, see Developer Virtual Machine - DVM.

  • Blackboard Collaborate Development Instance is a SaaS-based development system that allows developers to build integrations for Blackboard Collaborate with the Ultra Experience using the Collaborate REST APIs. For access, send a request to developers@blackboard.com.