• Mark O'Neil

    Director, Product Management, Platform and APIs

    Hi, I’m Mark O’Neil.

    I have been at Blackboard for 10 years. I work on the Product Management team and am responsible for our Platfrom and API management.

    Things I dig doing:

    • hanging out with family
    • remodeling my house
    • riding my motorcycles
    • making stuff

    I enjoy tech in all aspects - especially servers and coding. Docker and node.js are my current favs. I love hanging out getting to know folks in the community, problem solving, researching and developing solutions.

  • Scott Hurrey

    Code Poet

    Hi, I’m Scott Hurrey. I have been at Blackboard for 10.5 years. I work on the Developer Relations and Standards team in the Product Development and Delivery organization.

    I love hanging out with my two kids. I love sports and beer. I love writing code… especially Python. I love integrating with and customizing software. I love spending time getting to know the community members from around the world!