Check the processing status of a file

Ally processes files asynchronously. We aim to process files in near-realtime, but some delays might be present. This endpoint can be used to poll for status updates.


GET /api/v2/clients/:clientId/content/:contentHash/status

Path Parameters

  • clientId - Path parameter - Your Ally Client ID
  • contentHash - Path parameter - The content hash from the previous endpoint

Body Parameters

  • None

Query Parameters

  • None

Expected response

This endpoint will always return a 200 status code for existing content hashes regardless of whether the file was processed successfully.

    "hash": "MS4gQWxsI...",
    "status": "success",
    "statusUrl": "/api/v2/clients/:clientId/content/MS4gQWxsIH.../status",
    "resourceUrl": "/api/v2/clients/:clientId/content/MS4gQWxsIH..."
Parameter Definition
hash the content hash used to reference the file by Ally as a Service
status the stage of processing the file is in*
statusUrl the endpoint to call to check the status
resourceUrl the endpoint to retrieve the report or metadata

*The following status values can be identified:

  • success
  • pending
  • inprogress
  • failed

Testing with cURL

curl \
  -H "Authorization: Bearer myJwtToken" \