Author: Mark Bykerk Kauffman
Categories: [‘Building Blocks’, ‘Getting Started’]
Tags: [‘partner’, ‘behind the blackboard’, ‘partnership’, ‘access’, ‘developer’]

While our Community partner level is FREE to developers and provides access to the Blackboard Learn AMI for developers to build REST and LTI applications, API limits apply and Behind the Blackboard support access is not provided. Consider investing in one of our other partnership levels to receive added benefits that help partners deepen integrations, promote solutions and connect with Blackboard clients.

Blackboard Developers Network (BbDN) is Blackboard’s basic partnership and is available for $3,000 annually (pro-rated to an annual April 15th renewal). BbDN Partnerships include the following benefits:

  • A self-hosted developer’s license of Blackboard Learn limited to a maximum of 150 users, 100 courses, and 1,000 enrollment records
  • Behind the Blackboard account(s) which provides access to the Blackboard knowledge base, support bulletins, product updates, developer’s virtual machine and our support portal (tier 1 and above)
  • Access to our Partner SaaS shared systems that cover both the Blackboard Learn Original and Ultra experiences
    • Once a partner - To request access, create a ticket on Behind the Blackboard with the subject line: “Access to the Partner SaaS Smoke Test Systems.” Include first and last names, email addresses and phone numbers for 1-3 users.
  • Ability to promote your integration through our Partner Catalog.
  • Ability to sponsor at BbWorld, our largest annual users conference

Sign up for the BbDN agreement today on our registration page, or visit our Partnerships Program page to learn about additional opportuniteis to work together.