Blackboard Open LMS Approved Plugin Program (MAP)

Author: Scott Hurrey
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Blackboard Open LMS is committed to providing its clients with everything they need. As an open-source SaaS provider, we have the opportunity to enhance our Blackboard Open LMS platform through modular code updates and third-party plugin integrations. We are committed to ensuring the security, stability, and performance of our Blackboard Open LMS platform for all clients. That’s why we want you on the Blackboard Open LMS MAP.

What is the Blackboard Open LMS Approved Plugin (MAP) Program?

The MAP Program is managed by our Client Development team to oversee plugins added to the Blackboard Open LMS codebase from our community or vendor partners. To join the MAP program and add a plugin to the Blackboard Open LMS codebase requires a Statement of Work (SOW) for a Code Review, plus Annual Support and Maintenance to continue in the program. Once added, clients can request to enable any approved plugin listed on our Blackboard Open LMS Plugin Matrix.

Code Review Process

Annual Support & Maintenance

Release Dates and Code Submission Due Dates

Blackboard Open LMS releases two major releases and smaller maintenance pack releases throughout the year. To include your code requests in an upcoming scheduled release, you must submit your code at least 2 months prior to the desired release date. Release dates are listed on the Blackboard Open LMS Community Page.

You can look at our Plugin Matrix. It shows plugins currently available through the MAP Program. For more information refer to the plug-in matrix.

Who Supports What?

We support various plugins to various levels of support. We use the following support levels.

Support Levels

Support levels available for each approved plug-in are listed on our plugin matrix.

Contacting Support

Reference the MAP Support Case Process